Pastor David J. Modder

                                              Pastor David is the Lead Pastor at Vibrant Life.                                                David and his wife Jennifer, have four                                                          beautiful children, Gabriel, Caleb, Joseph, and                                                  Alaina.  David has been a  pastor for 23                                                        years, 10 as a district appointed home         missionary, 12 as a pastor in the urban core of Minneapolis, and over a year at   Vibrant Life.    David is a gifted communicator and takes the heart of a Father   in his pastoral role along with our Good Shepherd Jesus Christ.

​​​Pastor Alicia Butler

                                           Pastor Alicia is the Children's Pastor at Vibrant                                               Life, leads all areas of children's ministry 1-12                                               years.  Alicia and her husband Jack, have three                                               beautiful daughters, Ella, Annalyn, and Georgia.                                               Alicia has been serving in Children's ministry for    16 years and at Vibrant Life   for 13 years. Alicia is known for her passion          for children, the word of God and   her love of minions (yes, the adorable          yellow creatures from Despicable  Me).   Alicia believes kids have the power to    change the world- and is called to help   them do just that. 

Katie Cacich

                                        Katie Cacich is the Youth Minister at Vibrant Life,                                            leading the teens from 7th - 12th grade.  Katie                                              and her husband Frank, have 3 kids Frank, Zeke,                                              and Amelia.  Katie is stepping into a new role of                                              ministry in the church.  In the past, she has     worked with individuals with disabilities.  Those individuals have taught her   how to look at everyone for their strengths and find joy in the little things.   She desires that the youth at Vibrant have opportunities and experiences to   claim their faith in God as their own.  So, they are confident about all the   changes that come with being an adult.

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